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Rapid Response Team

Abbeville Area Medical Center is committed to providing high quality, compassionate care to our patients. We have implemented a Rapid Response Team as another way to provide the best possible care. The team enables us to act more quickly to changes in a patient’s condition- often before a medical emergency occurs.

The team is made up of highly trained individuals and will include a critical care nurse and a respiratory therapist. If it appears that a patient is getting sicker very quickly, the team is called and takes action quickly. The team comes to the patient and evaluates him/her immediately. The team may suggest laboratory tests, x-rays, new medications or that the patient be moved into the Intensive Care Unit for
closer monitoring. These actions can help the patient get better sooner.

Problems can happen anytime a patient is in the hospital. This includes just after surgery, during medical tests, or when a patient is recovering from an illness.

Warning signs that may indicate the patient is getting sicker:

  • Pale, sweaty skin
  • Difficulty breathing on own
  • Dizziness
  • Unable to arouse
  • Confusion, agitation, or other mental status changes

How family members can help:
When there are warning signs that the patient is getting much sicker, call the nurse and ask that she/he call the Rapid Response Team or dial ext. 3309 and tell the person who answers to activate a “Rapid Response.” Team members will arrive within minutes to evaluate the patient.