**Closure/Delay Information 1/17: Abbeville Area Rehab & Wellness open 10:30am; Healthcare Center & DWFM -open 12:00noon for Respiratory Patients ONLY;   Abbeville Urology – Closed; No COVID-19 Mobile Testing Clinic**

Case Management

To ensure that our patients receive quality care in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner, Abbeville Area Medical Center provides case management services. Case managers work with physicians, nurses and community resources to find care options that are acceptable to the patient and family. Patients and/or families will be seen by a case manager when they are admitted to the hospital to make sure the patient will receive the proper level of care for their condition. The case manager also reviews charts daily for any changes in the patient’s condition or needs and shares this information with others involved in his/her care. Family members often have questions about the options available to their loved one when he/she leaves the hospital. Case managers have information about a variety of community resources and can tell the family how the patient may benefit from them.

If you have questions about case management, contact their office at 864-366-3264.