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Admission Information

When you choose Abbeville Area Medical Center for your healthcare needs, we want your experience to
be the best it can be. We also realize that visitation by family and friends is an important part of the
healing process. On the links to the left you will find important information about being a patient or a
visitor in our hospital.

Admissions & Pre-Registration…
The Registration Office is located in the main lobby of the Medical Center. Patients or their immediate
family members are requested to provide insurance and information concerning hospitalization at the
Registration Office. We will need a copy of your insurance cards at this time.

If you have a pre-scheduled appointment for admission or for a test, it is important that you arrive at
least 15 minutes early to ensure proper time to register. You will be asked to sign a consent form for
admission to the hospital and for medical treatment. Federal regulations require hospital personnel to
inquire as to the presence of an Advance Directive. This includes a living will and/or a durable power of
attorney. Information regarding Advance Directives will be provided to you upon request.

The Registration Office provides pre-registration for all procedures. You may contact us during regular
business hours. A Patient Access Specialist will interview you for pertinent information and answer any
questions that you have regarding the billing of your procedure. This will ensure accurate and timely
filing and payment from your insurance company. On the day of your procedure you will need to stop by
registration and sign a consent form for medical treatment and/or admission to the hospital. Make sure
that you bring A photo ID, your insurance cards and a signed and dated order from your physician.

Tips to Ensure Timely Registration:
• Bring a photo ID.
• Bring your insurance cards at every visit.
• Bring your signed and dated order form from your physician.
• If your physician’s office faxes orders to the medical center as a courtesy, please call prior to
your appointment time to make sure we have received it.
• Come at least 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time.