**Closure/Delay Information 1/17: Abbeville Area Rehab & Wellness open 10:30am; Healthcare Center & DWFM -open 12:00noon for Respiratory Patients ONLY;   Abbeville Urology – Closed; No COVID-19 Mobile Testing Clinic**

Visiting Hours & Information

At AAMC, the minute you walk through our doors you become a member of our family. Whether you’re a patient’s friend or family member, it’s our goal to offer the help you need to make your visit with us the best it can be. Please visit the links at the right to learn more about what to expect when you visit our hospital.

Visiting Hours

At AAMC, we understand how important being surrounded by family & friends is to the healing process. However, to make sure our patients get the rest and care they need, we ask our visitors to follow the guidelines listed below:

General: 8:00 am-8:00 pm
Intensive Care Unit: 8:00 am-8:00 pm for 15 minutes every two hours*

Please understand that this is for the patient’s benefit & allows us time to provide necessary care.

To protect our patients and staff, please do not visit if you are sick.

Visitor Tips

We know that patients look forward to having visitors while they are in the hospital. Here are some visiting tips that will help make your loved one’s stay at AAMC easier:

  • Limit the number of visitors to two at a time
  • Keep visits short
  • Occasionally a nurse may ask you to shorten your visit or to leave the room briefly.
  • Make sure the person you’re at AAMC to see isn’t too ill to receive visitors. It may be better to send a card, flowers or balloons.
  • If you are sick, please do not come for a visit.
  • Knock before entering the patient’s room to make sure they’re not asleep or getting dressed or a physician or nurse is with them providing care.
  • Be sure to check for any restrictions the patient may have before bringing a gift, especially food.
  • Don’t talk about the experiences or problems of other people who have had the same health problem. Share positive thoughts.
  • If a physician or nurse comes into the room during your visit, ask them if you need to leave for a few minutes while they care for the patient.
  • Your loved-one is in the hospital to get well! Please keep your visiting time to a length that is comfortable for the patient.