**Closure/Delay Information 1/17: Abbeville Area Rehab & Wellness open 10:30am; Healthcare Center & DWFM -open 12:00noon for Respiratory Patients ONLY;   Abbeville Urology – Closed; No COVID-19 Mobile Testing Clinic**

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Abbeville Area Medical Center (AAMC) supports the education and development of clinical trainees: students,  volunteers, vendors, and licensed professionals, such as nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, phlebotomists, radiology specialists, medical students or other healthcare providers. AAMC does not have interns on staff or rendering patient care. Residents may participate in patient care throughout the facility. Clinical trainees may be involved in inpatient and outpatient care involving nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, phlebotomy, radiology or
other clinical services. Clinical trainees perform their duties under the supervision of an instructor, preceptor, physician or other professional healthcare provider within the scope of practice for their education and experience. All clinical trainees will be identified by wearing badges that clearly state their name, department and trainee title. Your attending physician is the person responsible for your care while you are hospitalized. The attending physician may change during a hospitalization depending upon the type of care or services required for your care. No medical students will be involved in making treatment decisions or participating in invasive procedures. Some attending physicians work closely with a physician assistant or nurse practitioner (Allied Health Professional). In this instance, these Allied Health Professionals would be making treatment decisions and participating in your care. Allied Health Professionals are credentialed by the hospital.
It is your right at any time during your hospital stay to discuss your personal medical care with your attending physician. Your attending physician is the person responsible for your care. Upon request, a nurse will assist you in placing a call to the attending physician. If you are unable to make a personal call, upon request, a nurse will notify your attending physician or designee to inform him or her of your concern and your need for one to one communication. In addition, you may request at any time to speak with an AAMC Department Manager or Administrative Supervisor to discuss concerns about your treatment plan or hospital care.