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Affiliation FAQ

We have been providing quality, compassionate care to our community for more than 100 years & want to be here for 100 more… This affiliation will not change the way we have cared for you for more than a century. It will only make it better!!

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Why affiliate? Here’s just a few reasons...

Our community has been extremely fortunate to have AAMC’s commitment to provide quality and compassionate care. Self Regional Healthcare shares those same values and culture and is also committed to continuing this tradition with the retention of the AAMC staff, physicians and other medical professionals. The affiliation will have significant benefits for our community through expanded services and technology and improved efficiencies for both organizations. It will also strengthen the collaboration between the two organizations, that has existed for decades, to enhance their collective healthcare services to our community.

Robert Hester | AAMC Foundation Board Member

This relationship will allow our community to have access to resources that can standardize clinical protocols and improve quality care. It is also a great opportunity for AAMC to maintain our ‘hometown feel’ with the added benefit of being connected to more advanced technology.

Sharon Davis Norryce  | AAMC Board of Trustees Vice Chair

Innovative partnership shows growth that helps our community. Doing something alone will not produce success; working with others produces a wealth of fruitful healthcare for all…

Selena Goodwin-Hay | AAMC Board of Trustees Secretary

I strongly believe the partnership between AAMC & Self Regional Healthcare is a win win situation for both Abbeville & Greenwood communities! We both benefit from the best of each facility to make both even stronger & give patients the VERY best possible care. My husband & I are so excited about improving healthcare in the communities we both care about – not only for us but for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Katy Tilley | AAMC Foundation Board Member

Abbeville County has been incredibly fortunate to have had a local hospital for over 100 years. The County has also been fortunate to have had visionary leadership which has adapted to the rapid changes in medicine by providing up to date facilities, well-trained medical staff, and easy access to specialty care. The affiliation with Self Regional Healthcare will continue the tradition of providing the best healthcare possible for the citizens of our County. 

Bob Todd, MD | Iva

The affiliation of these two fine health systems will certainly benefit the people of Abbeville County. The expanded services and specialties that will be available, combined with the superior quality of care provided by our AAMC staff, will be a tremendous boost to the quality of life in our community.

Ann Clarke Judd | AAMC Foundation Board Member

AAMC has been a valuable partner to West Carolina Telephone [WCTel] for many years by providing health and wellness services to our workforce, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Self Regional Healthcare and AAMC share the same vision, values and purpose. I am confident that both organizations collectively working together will result in even better care for our community.

Jeff Wilson, CEO | WCTEL

Our hospital is standing at a pivotal crossroads. Making the RIGHT turn will lead to affiliating with a strong partner that will keep and greatly enhance healthcare in our community. Taking a WRONG turn will most likely lead to having no hospital in our community or a significantly reduced level of services that can only be maintained through a tax increase for our citizens. I don’t want to see MORE tax burden to provide LESS healthcare services.

Gene Pruitt | AAMC Board of Trustees Chair

I believe the affiliation will bring more services and advanced technology to our community that otherwise would not be available locally and the hospital could not have afforded. Also, having more doctors in similar fields will allow for more collaboration and pooling of knowledge to treat patients.

Lucia Bishop | AAMC Foundation Board Member

After serving on the AAMC Board of Trustees for more than ten years, it became apparent that at some point the hospital would need to form a partnership with a larger hospital system to remain open. I have every confidence that the AAMC Board sees affiliation with Self Regional Healthcare as the best possible option. Any organization would want to keep open a hospital that provides high quality care, has recruited an outstanding network of physicians and other providers, and has maintained a compassionate staff that consistently receives high patient satisfaction ratings.

Bill Lesesne | Due West
Former Member AAMC Board of Trustees

I have been a full-time resident of Abbeville County since 2013 and am strongly supportive of this affiliation to allow for the sustainment and actual growth of our community hospital and supporting staff. My concern is without a strong affiliation with a “friendly partner” such as Self Regional Healthcare, AAMC will not survive in this declining economic healthcare environment. If AAMC doesn’t partner with Self Regional and grow value for our community through that partnership, AAMC will not survive, and the community will lose a significant number of well-paying jobs. This doesn’t account for the economic impact of the reduction in our Abbeville County tax base. If a “Predatory” health system moves in, which absent this affiliation, will happen, they will vacuum out the current health services of our community, causing our residents to seek care completely outside of our community, reduce or terminate most staff, and leave Abbeville with a shell.

Clayton Swalstad, MSM, CMPE, FHM
CEO Integrated Psych Solutions

I think the affiliation between AAMC and Self Regional will allow our community to have the ‘best of both worlds.’ This is a wonderful opportunity that will make funding and facilities available to help AAMC keep up with the constant changes in medicine. I have been a patient at both hospitals and have had pleasant experiences at each. I’m very pleased with the decision of AAMC’s Board to partner with Self Regional Healthcare.

Edith Davis | Abbeville

The Abbeville Lions Club enthusiastically supports the past, present, and future SERVICE of AAMC!

Lion Rick Pressly | Member since 1994

Difficult decisions are never easy. And I am sure the decision to pursue affiliation for our hospital was very difficult. I trust the ones making this decision have the best interest for our community in mind. And I understand that if you are not proactive in shaping the future, you will have to be reactive with what is left.

Andy Timmerman, President/CEO | Abbeville First Bank

Partnering with Self Regional Healthcare makes sense. They receive most of AAMC’s referrals and already provide services in our area. Self Regional has always been willing to support our hospital and community and I am confident they will continue to help AAMC serve its constituents.

Harold Campbell | Nation Community
Former AAMC Board of Trustees Chair

Concerning AAMC joining forces with Self Regional Healthcare, I am quite sure there are more pluses than minuses. A smaller hospital as AAMC cannot afford the expense of ever-changing technology. The medical industry is changing quickly which in most cases is good. Medical providers have become more specialized. On a practical note, if we had a small Wal-Mart or a Home Depot in Abbeville, you would not run to Greenwood every time you needed to make a purchase. With AAMC and Self Regional joining forces we still shop at home first and, depending on the nature of our illness, we can be sent to a larger wing of AAMC which will be Self Regional. Likewise, Self Regional will send some patients to AAMC for procedures done here. This way we can afford to keep Abbeville Area Medical Center in Abbeville County.

Lamar T. West, Sr. | Abbeville

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