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Amazing Care Stories

At Abbeville Area Medical Center, we are very proud to provide quality, compassionate care to our patients. When you come here for a treatment or service, you are treated like a member of our family. Here’s what our patients and physician have to say about us!

Helen’s Story…

Helen Whitlock is an active 84-year-old woman who enjoys gardening, playing bridge, sewing, interior design and spending time with her little dog, Lily. You’d never know that she suffers from congestive heart failure and has to have fluid ‘drained’ from her body regularly.

In May, Mrs. Whitlock had been feeling extremely sick for several days. She couldn’t eat, move or sleep. After numerous tests failed to find the cause, she said to herself, “I guess I’m just going to die.”

On the advice of a friend, her daughter took her to AAMC. After one blood test they knew exactly what was making her so sick. She was immediately admitted and had 11 pounds of toxic fluid drained from her body. Almost instantly she felt better and said thought she could have walked home, she felt so great.

“Abbeville Area Medical Center saved my life,” said Mrs. Whitlock. “I was so impressed with the whole staff. The doctors were wonderful and so down to earth.”

The doctors at AAMC prescribed a new medication for her and she’s feeling great. She hasn’t had to go back to the ER since her visit in May.

“I will always go to AAMC from now on,” she said.