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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Update February 4, 2021
Those over the age of 65 who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine are now encouraged to email their name and phone number to or call 366-1647 to request an appointment. You will be scheduled as we have vaccine available. No walk-ins can be accepted.

We continue to have capacity this week for those who do not currently have an appointment, and meet SC DHEC’s Phase 1A requirements of being 70 years of age or older, a healthcare worker or 1st responder.

Update February 2, 2021
AAMC has extra capacity to administer COVID-19 vaccines this week. If you are interested in receiving the vaccine, do not currently have an appointment, and meet SC DHEC’s Phase 1A requirements of being 70 years of age or older, a healthcare worker or 1st responder please email your name and phone number to or call 366-1647 to request an appointment. No walk-ins can be accepted.


Update January 26, 2021

Area Medical Center Is continuing to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to those in phase 1A which includes staff members in close contact with those with the virus and first responders.

The hospital is opening a waiting list for the general public who are aged 70 and over, live in Abbeville or McCormick counties or who are patients of its the clinics to receive the vaccine.

Vaccinations are provided to the state by the federal government who then allocates them to hospitals. With the rapid expansion and huge community demand of those eligible to be vaccinated, hospitals are not receiving the amount of vaccine ordered. Shipments are also being delayed which is making scheduling appointments difficult.

“Last week, AAMC ordered 975 doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine,” stated Cindy Buck, AAMC CEO. “We were made aware on Friday that we would be receiving only 125 doses which is making it difficult to schedule appointments.” 

This number also includes 50 of the second doses needed to complete the vaccination process for those previously vaccinated, leaving only enough vaccine for 75 people. Shipments were expected to arrive Monday but have been delayed until Tuesday.

“We ask our community members for patience as we work through our processes,” stated Buck. “The number of individuals who want a vaccine far exceeds the number of vaccine doses we are receiving from the state.”

The hospital hopes the quantity of vaccine received will become more consistent as the state refines the allocation process.

AAMC has opened a stand-alone vaccination clinic to be able to efficiently handle the large volume of patients wanting the vaccine. It will also be offered at Due West Family Medicine and Savannah Lakes Family Medicine as supplies allow.

Vaccinations will be available by appointment only. No walk ins will be accepted. Appointment requests are currently being accepted for those 70 and over by email.  Please email the location at which you wish to receive your vaccination only once. Patients will be placed on a call list in the order requests are received. When vaccine allocation numbers are received for the following week appointments will be scheduled.



Due West:

Currently, the South Carolina Governor has allowed only those in Phase 1A, those hospitalized age 65 and older, and those community members aged 70 and older to receive their vaccination.

Update January 17, 2021
On Friday, January 15th, AAMC received the following information from the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA):

“This morning we (SCHA) were advised by DHEC that hospitals will receive significantly less vaccine next week than they requested. The state expects to receive the same amount of Pfizer vaccine next week that we have been getting, but hospital requests this week totaled four times that amount. Hospitals will receive 100% of the second doses they requested, but only 20-25% of the first doses they specified.

South Carolina’s hospitals are aggressively ramping up vaccination efforts through walk-in events, online appointments, and mass vaccination sites. Unfortunately, we have learned that next week, we will only receive a quarter of the initial doses that we requested from DHEC. We will continue to do everything in our power to accelerate the distribution of these vaccines as part of the state’s vaccination plan. We need more vaccines from Washington in order to get the job done.”

We continue to ask your patience as we work to make the vaccination process as efficient as possible. AAMC is awaiting information regarding how much vaccine we will receive this coming week and when it will arrive. With the Martin Luther King holiday it is our understanding shipments will be delayed.

Update January 15, 2021
We are currently confirming how many doses of the COVID-19 vaccine we will be receiving in order to ensure our vaccination process goes as smoothly as possible and that we have enough vaccine to accommodate those that will be scheduled. Vaccine allocation is controlled by the State. Appointment contact information will announced as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience as we work to serve you in the best way possible.

Update January 14, 2021
AAMC continues to prepare to begin making appointments for those aged 70 and over to receive the vaccine. We will be announcing designated emails and phone numbers soon that can be used to make an appointment.  When you come for your appointment, please download vaccination consent and screening forms located at the top of the page, fill them out and bring both forms with you. For additional information regarding vaccination phases and to find out when you might be eligible to receive the vaccine as well as other very useful information, visit DHEC’s vaccination site. is also a good resource to find where you can receive the vaccine.(SCHA

Update:  January 12, 2021

Abbeville Area Medical Center will be announcing soon how those age 70 and over can make an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The hospital currently orders and receives the Pfizer vaccine from SC DHEC weekly. AAMC has been requesting enough vaccine to vaccinate those included in the current 1A phase, which does not meet the minimum 925 dose order to receive the frozen vaccine. Unfrozen, the vaccine is only viable for five days.

AAMC does, however, have the capacity to store the frozen vaccine and has requested a large quantity to meet the Governor’s mandate to begin providing vaccinations to those 70 and over as well as continue with the vaccination of those in the current 1A phase.

AAMC will begin scheduling appointments as soon as the State of South Carolina notifies us when we will receive the vaccine and how much.

“We are committed to providing the vaccine to those who qualify at this time as quickly and efficiently as possible,” stated Cindy Buck, AAMC CEO. “Vaccine supplies are still limited and this process will take time so we ask for your patience.”

It is also important to note that the person receiving the vaccine must return to the same location to receive the second dose after 21 days. A follow-up appointment will be made at the time the first dose is administered. The second dose must also be the same brand as the first dose for the vaccine to be effective.

The hospital will make the announcement of when appointments will begin to be accepted here and one our Facebook page later this week along with what email and phone number to use.

It is important to continue following all safety measures, and we strongly encourage community members to continue wearing a mask, practicing physical distancing, frequently washing their hands and staying home when sick. These are proven ways to slow the spread and will be essential to ending the pandemic, even as we begin to vaccinate.

January 8, 2021

Abbeville Area Medical Center is following the vaccination policies set forth by SC DHEC and continues to vaccinate those included in Tier 1a which is defined by DHEC as frontline healthcare workers at high risk of exposure.  Residents and staff of long-term care facilities are also included in this tier.  Vaccine distribution is controlled by the Federal Government and is very limited at this time.

For additional information regarding vaccination tiers and to find out when you might be eligible to receive the vaccine as well as other very useful information, visit DHEC’s vaccination site. is also a good resource to find where you can receive the vaccine.

Governor McMaster’s January 15th deadline for vaccination was intended to speed up the vaccination of Phase 1A employees as described above.  The vaccination is currently not available to the general public.

As information becomes available from the State of South Carolina, AAMC will make announcements here, on Facebook and other news media regarding when and how the public can receive the vaccine.

While AAMC does have capacity to store the Pfizer frozen vaccine, due to our small size at this time we cannot meet the minimum order of 975 doses.  Currently we are receiving small quantities weekly of the thawed vaccine that must be used within a small window.

Our vaccination process began on December 16th, and as of January 6, 2021, we have given 256 first doses and are beginning our second dose vaccinations.