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Affiliation – Benefits

We believe affiliation with Self Regional Healthcare will bring many benefits not only to AAMC, but most importantly to our community. You can rest assured that the quality, personalized & compassionate care we provide will not change – it will only get better!!

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We are excited to reach this milestone in our work to form a formal partnership between AAMC and SRH. Both parties believe that the breadth of services and level of commitment that SRH brings to Abbeville will significantly improve the healthcare available to this community.

Dr. Matthew Logan, President & CEO  |  Self Regional Healthcare

We are neighbors, friends and colleagues. We already have a well-established, long-term, collaborative relationship between the two organizations, and this partnership will bring innovation and excellence that we couldn’t achieve separately.

Ron Millender, Chairman  |  Self Regional Hospital Board

We are committed to enhancing the healthcare services available in Abbeville County for the benefit of the entire community. This partnership will allow both organizations to work together to enhance the availability of primary care and specialty care physicians as well as other healthcare services to Abbeville County in a cost-effective way.

Timothy Evans, Sr. VP & Chief Financial Officer  |  Self Regional Healthcare

This affiliation process is about being able to provide MORE not LESS. MORE healthcare services right here at home and MORE job security and opportunities for our staff and medical providers. I am truly convinced the community will be happy when they see the many good things that will come about as a result of this affiliation. This is not about personalities or egos but about the health and welfare of our community.

Gene Pruitt, Chair  |  AAMC Board of Trustees

AAMC has a rich tradition of quality and compassionate care. Our affiliation with Self Regional Healthcare will provide additional close to home specialty services and resources which will help ensure the best care possible in Abbeville County.

Chris Oxendine, MD, Chief Medical Officer  |  Abbeville Area Medical Center

An affiliation with Self Regional will only make formal a mutually beneficial relationship that has existed for decades and will position both hospitals to be more competitive in today’s healthcare market. We cannot remain independent to survive in the current climate. Affiliation is imperative.

Allen Kolb, MD, Medical Director | Abbeville Area Physician Network

Affiliating with Self Regional Healthcare will allow our patients at Due West Family Medicine to have access to specialists close to home. As a family doctor, I look forward to working closely with specialists whom I know and trust to provide my patients with the best care possible.

Alanna Angel, MD, Family Physician  |  Abbeville Area Physician Network

The affiliation with Self Regional Healthcare will allow us to continue to provide the best quality healthcare to our patients while bringing additional services to our community.

Trey Moore, MD, Family Physician  |  Abbeville Area Physician Network

The affiliation with Self Regional Healthcare will be a true asset to Abbeville County.  While we will maintain our facility in Abbeville, it will be strengthened with access to more specialists, added security and implementation of a more robust medical records system.

Bill Boone, Ph.D., Chair  |  Abbeville Area Medical Center Foundation &
Executive Director, United Christian Ministries of Abbeville County

I believe we, in Abbeville, have the best medical facilities, staff and doctors. Joining hands with Self will only make us better and increase our access to healthcare services. Rural hospitals are becoming few and far between, and I consider Abbeville County fortunate to have a partner that is willing to help maintain and further enhance the level of medical services we have come to enjoy. I am in full support of affiliation with Self Regional Healthcare.

Brad Evans, Vice Chair  |  Abbeville Area Medical Center Foundation &
Owner, Harris Funeral Home

If the continuation and improvement of quality healthcare services located in our County for years to come is our goal, then affiliation with Self Regional Healthcare is by far the best alternative. I am proud that the Abbeville Area Medical Center Board has chosen to be proactive and protect our close to home medical care given the uncertainty of future changes in insurance coverage and state and federal regulations over which we have no control.

Lee Logan, Treasurer  |  Abbeville Area Medical Center Foundation

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