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AAMC to Move Respiratory Clinic

Abbeville Area Medical Center will be moving its Respiratory Clinic from the tent in front of the hospital to a more permanent location. Beginning Friday, May 8th the clinic will be relocated to the hospital’s current Neurology office at 901 West Greenwood Street Suite 5, in between the hospital and Healthcare Center. The Neurology office will be combined with the Urology office located in the adjacent building.

“This move will allow us to more safely begin to reopen our hospital services,” stated Dean Turner, AAMC CEO. “We do not know what the coming months will hold as we deal with the Coronavirus, and this move will offer a longer-term solution to keep our staff and community safe.”

The clinic will be open Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm to see those who are experiencing respiratory symptoms and feel they need to be seen. Patients are asked to call the screening line at 864-366-1770 for further instructions before coming to the clinic. On weekends or after hours, patients should come to the Emergency Department.

Anyone experiencing additional symptoms like chest pain or extreme shortness of breath should come directly to the Abbeville Area Medical Center Emergency Department.

With many businesses beginning to reopen, Abbeville Area Medical Center continues to encourage community members to wear a mask when in public, be vigilant with social distancing and wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of COVID-19 illness.

“We also want the community to know that Abbeville Area Medical Center is taking all possible measures to keep those who need to come to the hospital for outpatient or emergency services safe,” stated Turner.