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Abbeville Area Medical Center Encourages Medicaid Recipients to Check Eligibility to Ensure Benefits Continue

Abbeville Area Medical Center Encourages Medicaid Recipients to Check Eligibility to Ensure Benefits Continue

Over the last three years, millions of Americans on Medicaid were shielded from losing healthcare coverage when states were required to suspend their annual eligibility evaluation processes.  But, as the pandemic protections expire, states are now putting these processes back into place and redetermining which people will continue to be covered by the health insurance program.

With these changes, Abbeville Area Medical Center (AAMC) wants to ensure Medicaid program members understand they will be reverified for eligibility this year. 

“We want to encourage all Medicaid program participants to be proactive to ensure there is no gap in medical insurance coverage,” stated Rod Boula, AAMC Interim CEO.  “When you come to receive care at any of our facilities, the last thing we want to do is inform you that you no longer have insurance.”

Typically, the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) reviews Medicaid recipients annually to confirm eligibility requirements.  However, during the COVID-19 federal public health emergency, states were required to waive the annual review process and keep Medicaid members enrolled in the program even if there were changes to their eligibility. 

In a recent press release, the SCDHHS stated it resumed its standard Medicaid eligibility annual review process on April 1, 2023, and anticipates it will take 12 months to complete the entire process.  This means some members have already received notices and review forms, however some will not receive them until March 2024. 

Members are encouraged to confirm that contact information has not changed in the last three years and to watch for important communication regarding coverage.  Members can update or add their contact information by visiting apply.scdhhs.gov, calling (888) 549-0820 or by visiting an SCDHHS local eligibility office (a list is available at https://www.scdhhs.gov/members/where-go-help).

The SCDHHS reports it will try to renew Medicaid benefits with information they currently have.  If approved, the member will receive a “Continuation of Benefits” notice and will not receive a review form.  If a member cannot be renewed in this way, they will be notified by mail or text (if a cell phone number is on file) when the review date is near.  Forms will also be mailed that can be completed and returned.

A new online document upload tool is available for members to provide the requested information, report a change in income, return an annual review form or submit other documents at https://apply.scdhhs.gov/CitizenPortal/.

For more information visit https://www.scdhhs.gov/members/annual-reviews.

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