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Occupational Therapy


(864) 366-2187

Our occupational therapists will help you improve your health and live better with a disability or following an injury, surgery or illness. OT also enables patients to improve their basic motor functions and reasoning abilities. Pediatric OT is also available to evaluate, treat, and manage a variety of neuromuscular, skeletal, or cognitive limitations in children, adolescents, and adults.

We provide:

  • Treatment for Hand injuries
  • Work conditioning to return to work
  • Ergonomic assessment and training
  • Retraining for activities of daily living
  • Adaptive Equipment training
  • Neurologic/Stroke rehabilitation

Our facility also features an Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Suite. The space is designed to be similar to kitchen and laundry areas found in a home, complete with cabinets, range, microwave, cooking utensils and sink as well as a washer and dryer.

The Suite allows therapists to work with a patient on basic living skills like the ability to do their own laundry, reach needed items in kitchen cabinets and simple meal preparation.  For example, a recipe and preparation ingredients are provided to the patient, so the therapist can determine what skills need to be improved in order for the patient to complete the task at home.  Therapists can also make sure the patient can use adaptive medical equipment like “grabbers” to reach high or low items located in cabinets or on shelves. Our goal is to ensure patients in our care are ready and able to return to their home environment and safely care for themselves.