Parkinson Disease Treatment



We are excited to introduce a new program called LSVT BIG and LOUD where we have 12 certified Therapists and 1 Speech Therapist that can cover all 9 counties.

Parkinson’s and similar neurological diseases rob patients of speech, volume, swallowing and independence with mobility and gait.

LSVT is a relatively new approach to treatment of these diseases and involves the concepts of neuroplasticity, “the brain’s ability to reorganize (retrain) itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.”  This approach aims to address the internal (brain) aspects of Parkinson’s disease symptoms leading to significant improvements with speech/swallowing/body and limb function.

LSVT-LOUD and LSVT-BIG protocol was initiated, is a proven research-based exercise approach performed only with specially-trained, certified therapists.

Treatments delivered by LSVT certified clinicians consist of the following:

  • Four sessions a week, for four consecutive weeks
  • Sessions are individual one-hour treatment sessions
  • Daily homework practice (all 30 days of the month)
  • Daily carryover assignments (all 30 days of the month)

The goal of all of this work is that with the LSVT-LOUD program patients will progressively demonstrate and maintain improved speech patterns and volume as well as improved vocal cord function and swallowing.  Similarly, with the BIG program, patients will learn to automatically use the specific body motions in everyday living. This will result in long term carry-over of larger movements, improved gait with more confidence, independence and safety.