**Delay Information 1/18 – Opening at 10:00am**

OB Shared Care

  • Complete Care for You & Your Baby
  • Keep seeing the doctors who know you & your family
  • Get expert care for labor & delivery
  • Seamlessly transition to follow up care for both you & your new baby

When you participate in OB Shared Care, family medicine providers, Dr. Karen Leslie and Dr. Amber Childers in partnership with OB-Gyn, Dr. Randy Erickson, will work together to provide you with the best care during your pregnancy, at delivery and following childbirth.

Normal pregnancies without significant complications or pre-existing medical conditions can be managed by your family physician. Dr. Erickson will be available to help manage your care should complications arise.

Dr. Erickson, or occasionally a covering on -all OB provider, will deliver your baby at Self Regional Healthcare Women’s Center.

A typical prenatal visit typically includes weight and blood pressure measurement, a physical examination as well as a variety of other tests and treatments to ensure you and your baby stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

To learn more about OB Shared Care or to make an appointment, call us at 864-379-2345.