**Delay Information 1/18 – Opening at 10:00am**

Podiatry/Nail Care



Due West Family Medicine is also pleased to offer basic foot and nail care to our patients.
Appointments for the foot care clinic are available on Thursdays, and services are provided by our nurse
practitioner, Courtney Burton. Patients who have diabetes, poor circulation, neuropathy, chronic lung
disease, arthritis, have calluses or thick, ridged nails or other conditions that make it difficult for patients
to trim their own nails may qualify for these services. Basic foot care services include:

  • Trimming of nails
  • Smoothing of calluses
  • General assessment of overall foot condition

Basic foot care can be provided every three months and is filed under insurance. Please note that not all
insurance plans cover podiatry services. You may need to check with your insurance company prior to
making an appointment. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please contact our office to
speak to one of our office staff about making an appointment.