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College life is a time of great change and personal growth.  It is exciting, satisfying, and sometimes challenging.  For many students, there are times when all the demands and excitement may feel overwhelming.  Erskine College understands that students need many kinds of support to help them succeed.

Erskine College Counseling Services promotes and fosters the academic, personal, and interpersonal development of Erskine College students by providing short-term counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, and educational programs to the campus community.

Our counselors help create a healthy college community through their commitment to responsiveness and individual attention to student needs.  Our counselors provide a safe place for students to explore difficult issues, advocate for a healthy environment in which to live and work, and nurture the development of the whole person.

Counseling services are for:

  • students who need individual attention for resolving personal or interpersonal problems;
  • friends, faculty, family members, and others who have concerns about the well-being of an Erskine College student.

In addition to these services, our professionals can provide outreach, prevention, and education services through programs specialized for particular campus groups or classes.  Whether it is for yourself or a friend, we are here to help.

If you desire to see the campus counselor, you may contact the Office of Student Services for assistance by calling 864-379-8701, however it is not required.  You may contact Due West Family Medicine directly to schedule an appointment with the campus counselor at 864-379-2345.

Erskine College Health Services