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Erskine College Health Services

Erskine College Health Services is located within Due West Family Medicine and is dedicated to supporting the overall well-being of each student.  The professional staff of licensed health care providers is committed to quality care and confidentiality.  Due West Family Medicine has 4 physicians, 2 nurse practioners and a counselor to serve the student needs.  Ms. Joann Wrenn, serves as the dedicated Erskine College student Nurse.

Before being seen by one of Due West Family Medicine’s health care providers, a student must have an official physical form and immunization record on file.

  • When you enter Due West Family Medicine between 8:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m., you should sign the sheet in the reception area.
  • After hours, if you have an emergency or feel you need immediate attention call (864) 379-2345 or 911. Due West Family Medicine is officially closed on the weekends, but a physician is always on call.
  • Please advise the College physician or nurse of any medication or drugs which you are taking.
  • Medical histories are required of all new students as part of the admissions process.
  • To obtain verification of your health care visit, you must be seen by the physician or nurse before you miss class.

While the student Medical Fee provides students with access to the campus nurse and physician, Erskine expects students to maintain independent, valid medical insurance coverage, usually secured under their parents’ medical insurance policy. Students who do not have medical insurance are encouraged to obtain coverage to address any medical costs in the event of illness, an accident, or other medical situation. Students may visit the Erskine Human Resources Office in Belk Hall for guidance on companies who write student medical insurance policies.

Primary care visits with the physician and/or nurse as well as certain medications are provided at no additional charge beyond the annual medical fee.  If a student requires an appointment with a specialist, x-rays, hospital care, or other services not provided by Due West Family Medicine, the cost will be incurred by the student.  Physician or nurse practioner visits outside of 8:00-9:00am reserved for Erskine students Monday through Friday when school is in session are available but not covered by the student health fee. Students can see the Erskine nurse at any time Due West Family Medicine is open. Students can see a physician or nurse practioner at no cost (covered by the student heath fee) during the regular school year Monday through Friday between 8:00-9:00am and need to be present by 8:30am at the office to be seen.

Due West Family Medicine also performs routine lab tests, including urinalysis and tests for strep, mono, or flu.  They can also administer allergy injections.