AAMC Inpatient Rehab Program Makes Difference in Patient’s Life


April Morrow was hit by a car and seriously injured in Statesboro, Georgia. Her leg was badly broken and she suffered internal injuries as well as multiple fractures to her hip and pelvis. The young mother of three was transported to a trauma center in Savannah, Georgia where she endured numerous surgeries to repair the extensive damage the accident caused to her leg. She also received many skin grafts to close the wounds resulting from both the accident and the surgeries. April was told that she probably would never walk again. 

April’s journey at Abbeville Area Medical Center (AAMC) started with a phone call from a family member who lived in Abbeville who was very concerned about her niece and in need of help. She told AAMC’s Case Manager that the hospital that had treated her stated they had done all they could do and wanted to send her to a nursing home in Florida for her to recover. With young children and no family in that area this would be a hardship on the family.

After spending more than a month in the Georgia hospital, she arrived at AAMC for further treatment.

Sonja Crowe, RPT, AAMC Physical Therapist was put in charge of April’s rehabilitation.
“When April arrived at AAMC she was unable to walk or move from surface to surface, for example a bed to a chair, on her own,” stated Sonja. “She had a very long road to recovery ahead of her.”

April spent three weeks in AAMC’s inpatient rehabilitation program, which allows for patients to stay in the hospital following surgery, stroke or other illness to receive rehabilitative treatment. During this time Sonja worked with April on her mobility two times each day. While at AAMC, April also needed more treatment on her skin grafts so AAMC’s Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine Center staff was called in to help.

“The nurses I came into contact with were very helpful - they were there when I needed them,” stated April. “If anyone needs Physical Therapy I’d recommend them going (to AAMC). I’d definitely recommend this hospital.”

“Even though therapy provides all of the necessary skills for a person to rehabilitate, without the cooperation and motivation from the patient, success could not be accomplished,” said Sonja. “April had the motivation to accomplish her goals so that she could return home.”

She was discharged walking short distances with a walker and with her wounds almost completely healed. Health Related Home Care, AAMC’s home health division, is currently working with her as she continues to heal at home.

 “Making sure this mother of three received the healing help she needed and that her quality of life was restored was very important to AAMC and our staff,” stated Ernest Shock, AAMC Chief Nursing Officer. “Our staff’s hard work, compassion and high level of care truly made a difference in April’s life.”

Caption: (L-R) Ernest Shock-Chief Nursing Officer, Sonja Crowe-Physical Therapist and Charlotte Campbell-Inpatient Nursing Director, recently visited with former patient, April Morrow following her inpatient rehabilitation.

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